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TyRex Family Case Study: Improved Testing for Potting

Arctos is your premier partner for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), box build assemblies, and other electronic component and assembly services in the Austin, TX area. Together with our 8 companies under the TyRex Technology Family, we are able to provide a competitive edge in solving the needs of your product requirements. From testing, to production, to cables, software, and more we can be your go-to stop for a complete end-product solution.

This case study comes from our sister company,TekRex. They were looking to help a client who needed an improved testing device that is used on their industrial motors. The client’s product needed to be tested at multiple stages in the potting process. This testing device was one of a kind, and as such, couldn’t be loaned. On top of that, the original device had several ergonomic and safety concerns, such as exposed wires prone to shorting out.

Watch the video below to see our TyRex Technology Family services in action.

TekRex looked at the core design of the original and then set out to create an improved version set in a 3D-printed enclosure along with several other off-the-shelf parts. Special attention was paid when seating the various wires to ensure there wouldn’t be any more issues with shorted wiring.

All told, both TekRex and the client now have a safer and easier to use testing device that has improved lead times and overall product quality. As further proof of the improvement, TekRex is now looking into developing a portable, battery-powered version, but perhaps we’ll save that for another case study.

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