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Enclosure Potting Assembly Case Study

Arctos Case Study: Enclosure Potting Assembly

At Arctos Assembly, we’re in the business of engineered solutions. We leverage our expertise in intelligent manufacturing to solve our clients’ problems in creative and holistic ways. In this case studies series, we’ve documented some of the creative ways we’ve addressed some of the challenges our partners have brought to us over the years. 

In this case study, an electric motor manufacturer had a complex enclosure that needed to be potted containing sensitive electronics and 3D printed parts. Arctos worked with sister company TekRex to design a process to 3D print, assemble, pot, and test the product.

Watch Arctos and TekRex team up to deliver a high-level engineered solution and develop a reusable process in the video below.

The Process

To begin, there were several parts that needed to be 3D printed. One of the 3D printed parts that was printed had both an antenna that was potted to the underside of the part and a threaded insert that was heat staked into the top of the part. 

From there, the TekRex team developed a multi-day potting process that stayed within the bounds of the specifications of the potting resin since only a given amount of resin could be dispensed at a time. At the end of each potting cycle, the product was tested via a tester that TekRex designed to ensure that the product was still functioning properly.  

Once the process had been defined by TekRex, they created step-by-step instructions and an accompanying video tutorial for Arctos to use in production. 

In the end, the client not only received a high-quality finished product, but also a repeatable process to iterate from. 

If you have an engineering challenge or manufacturing problem that’s limiting production, reach out to Arctos today for a customized solution.

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