Backed by a highly-skilled staff with expertise in assemblies for a multitude of industries, Arctos Assembly has provided full “built-to-print” contract manufacturing services for system-level assemblies (box builds), sub-assemblies and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies since 2001. Our end-to-end solutions set us apart in a widely transactional industry, specializing in supply chain management customized integration, rigorous testing and dedicated delivery.

Our company’s founder once wrestled a bear and the experience lives on in our company’s name – the word “arctos” comes from the Greek “great bear” and our qualities of sheer will and strength are the key to our success today. Did you know that 95% of manufacturing costs in the electronics industry are found in parts, not labor? Expertise in locating hard-to-find parts and in time-and-motion studies combine to find smarter manufacturing solutions for our customers by analyzing the entire manufacturing process comprehensively. We leverage excess capacity in subcontractors to navigate a complete solution, and in the end your product is built to print – we find the best way to build what you want, the way you want, with no substitutes.

Our assembly group combines the power of a global supply chain with nimble, highly-responsive manufacturing operations, delivering a vertically-integrated product solution focused on high-quality rapid turnaround, expertly engineered prototyping, and cost-efficient solutions. Alongside our TyRex Technology Family partners, we provide quality support at every stage from design concept to production.


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